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Get your quarters out and Win!
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QuarterManiaParty.com -

YOUR website to find ALL kinds of
Upcoming (Vendor-participating) Events
- not just 'Quarter' ones -
and to find Vendors from many different companies who Love working at the Events!

Hi, everyone,

Please pardon any settling dust as we have just completed re-vamping our website. We have some great plans to keep expanding the reach and services we provide to the Vendor community!

We want to use this website more as an information tool, advertising site and resource venue for EVERYONE!! We want to have a place where organizers, vendors and guests can come to learn what is expected from them before, during and after each kind of event. We know that everyone organizes differently (and that will be stated, too) but we feel it is necessary to get the basics of what is expected.

We are expanding by not only advertising other people's Quarter Auction flyers, but we now include advertising flyers/info for: Vendor Bingos, Vendor Fairs & Events, Vendor Open Houses, etc! We have noticed that a lot of event flyers are not getting seen by many people and we think it benefits all of us to help out and advertise those types of events too! We know that people are looking for all kinds of events to go to throughout the year!!

We also want to help the organizers (and you, the vendors) have a place where you can advertise all your upcoming events (annual, semi-annual, monthly, even 1 time events)! By doing this, we give vendors and organizers, alike, a place to let their guests know where they can learn more about the event and see/print the flyer for that event!

We have also updated and streamlined our Vendor Listing Page. To make the process as simple as possible, we have established a permanent LIFETIME Vendor Listing for $15 for each biz/state. The only maintenance vendors need worry about now is to let us know if there are any changes/additions to your listing OR if you are no longer a vendor for that particular business!

(and REALLY reasonable Event Advertising, too)!

Enjoy perusing the pages here (and let us know if you find a 'dust bunny' anywhere!). Bookmark this page and revisit it often! Like our Facebook page, too, (see below) to get the latest updates!

Thanks you for being a part of our community!

QMP - Donna , Lori & Rob

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