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Meet the Founders of QuarterManiaParty.com!

Lori Winans
Lori Winans has 2 daughters & 2 grandkids. She lives in Belleville, IL, and is the owner of Happy Dog's Grooming in Belleville. She is also active in her Mary Kay home businesses and has participated in numerous Vendor Fairs. Along the way, she participated in some Quarter Auctions when she decided to get together with some friends and put on a Fundraising QuarterMania Benefit for Belleville Area Humane Society (BAHS). It was such a success that BAHS asked for a repeat benefit to be held! Now Lori knew that she wanted and needed to do more of these types of events!

Donna Soffen
Donna Soffen has 4 sons and lots of grandkids and lives in O'Fallon, IL. She has been involved with network marketing for years, however her favorite home-based business since December 2005 has been Jerky Direct. She is a regular at Vendor Fairs and is known as the Jerky Lady (GoGoJerky). Donna was also involved with a group that ran Quarter Manias several years ago. She teamed up with Lori in January 2010 to work on the QuarterMania Benefit for the Airman's Attic at Scott AFB, IL. Because of that success, they decided to establish this site to help others learn more about these types of events and to give others a place to advertise their upcoming parties, as well.

Together Lori, Donna and others pooled their knowledge, learned more about different types of Quarter Manias, organized a lot of details that are usually not evident, and decided, in general, that they wanted to be able to continue holding QuarterMania Fundraising & Benefit Parties for local area groups - and they wanted to also help spread the word about these awesome types of fundraising events so that more people could get involved.

Donna got together with her webmaster, Rob Dunn, and with his help, QuarterManiaParty.com was born! The website is a resource for those who want to know more about what a Quarter Mania is or how to run a successful Quarter Mania.

The website also shows people where the next QuarterManiaParty and other Vendor-type Events are located!! All these different events are advertised for everyone to see, to be able to join as a vendor or as a guest and to support the causes that we hold dear to our hearts!

There are also pages where any other Event organizers (nationwide) can, and should, advertise their events and where vendors anywhere can announce their availability. Please check out the Upcoming Events and Vendor Listing pages. Is your group and event showing on this site?? Are YOU listed as a Vendor?? If not, then follow the directions on those pages OR fill out the Contact Us form and let us help you!!

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